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Another World Wildlife Refuge's Journal

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Monday, April 4th, 2005
9:35 pm - I thought that this was funny so, I decided to post it here. :~)=...

This is something that was posted in a group that I am a part of...

I heard you're a vampire...

Choose an answer, add a bit about why. And if you're not a vamp yourself you can pick pick one for how you imagine a vamp friend would react.

A relative stranger says "I heard you're a vampire...are you?".

Your response:

1. I was last Halloween.

2. Your best mysterious look and a smirk.

3. That's too ridiculous to dignify with a reply.

4. Your best intimidating/rabid look.

5. Everybody knows vampires don't exist, ask any reputable scientist.

6. Start crying and do a whine about hunger and being misunderstood.

7. Run a fingertip down their cheek(or other chosen place)along with your best seductive look.

8. Where did you hear that...how absurd, I'll sue form defamation.

9. A terrified rabbit look, bolt, move to another locale.

10. A smile and If I were, would you be open to giving a small donation?.

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Wednesday, December 1st, 2004
12:55 am - So, What’s This “Therianthropy” Thing?

I found this article interesting... Not many people know about therions but, a lot of them DO know about vampyres, for some reason so... I figured that I would post this article.

Therianthropy is the state of having a (soul, spirit, ka, essence, id, inner mind, insert appropriate term from your worldview here) which is wholly or partially that of a non-human animal, such as wolf, tiger, hawk, or just about anything else. Individuals who have such inner selves are known as Therianthropes, or just therians. Now, that being said, Therians come from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures and religions (or lack thereof), and as a result many have very different opinions. Some therians are atheist, and interpret their self-identification as an animal in terms of psychology (Jung is popular among those that share this worldview, though not the only option). Others believe they were re-incarnated into the wrong body, while still others believe that their soul is part human and part animal.

Is it a religion? A cult?

Neither. The cynics answer would be that, in order to be a cult we’d need some level of organization, leadership and most of all, to actually agree about basic spiritual concepts. As for a religion, therianthropy on its own is merely a condition, an experience to be interpreted by the individual in their worldview (an essay on this is in the essay section). It’s more like a component that can be added to an existing belief structure, just as a member of any religion can be vegetarian for any number of theological reasons, but they are still vegetarian.

Animal souls? What are you, werewolves?

Ahh, the w word. Yes, we do use that term to describe ourselves, though usually just “were”, rather than anything species specific (yes, political correctness has infiltrated therian thought. Be afraid, very afraid). However, due to the connotations that “werewolf/cat/whatever” has, many therians prefer not to use it except informally, among other therians.


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Wednesday, August 4th, 2004
1:13 pm - Article: Scientists turn blood into biscuits and chocolate

By Karyn Miller, Chris Stephen and Michael Mainville
(Filed: 01/08/2004)

It has always been the staple and highly nutritious food of vampires
even if a diet consisting entirely of blood could hardly be
considered balanced. But now scientists have found a way of turning
it into biscuits, yoghurts and drinks.

The scientists, from the Voronezh State Technological Academy in
Russia, say that mass production could begin in six months. They also
say that their blood-based foods taste as good as the real thing.

Dr Ludmila Antipova, the head of the academy's Department of Meat and
Meat Products, said: 'When we were first working on the project we
had 16 students involved, and the main problem was that they would
keep eating the experiments.


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Wednesday, May 26th, 2004
2:03 pm - Picture Toothless Vampires Chasing After People. LMAO

This is COMPLETELY bogeous... But, way too funny. I had to post it.

Dentists Refusing To Fix Vampires' Teeth
Insurance companies are denying claims for expensive dental work on
bloodsuckers, say docs

Jan 28 '04

Vampires have a lot of wear and tear on their fangs, but they say
nowadays it's nearly impossible to get proper care for their teeth.

The reason: More and more spooked dentists are closing their doors to
the undead.

"It's discrimination, pure and simple," says Antonio, a Chicago vampire
who says he's been denied treatment of bleeding gums and an intense
toothache for months. "They all claim they're not taking any new patients,
but it's just irrational fear and ignorance. "I guess they think we're
going to leap out of the chair in the middle of a root canal and turn
their 19-year-old hygienist into one of our unholy mistresses of the

"First of all, we hunt by the light of the blood moon when the children
of the darkness cry and the panicked owl questions the gibbering night,
and secondly, in a dentist's chair -- numbed by Novocain -- we're in no
shape to bite anybody.

"Doctors take an oath to care for the sick and the afflicted. And if
anyone is in danger of affliction if we don't take proper care of our
teeth, it's vampires."

But dentists say the problem isn't fear of a demon sucking anyone's
blood -- it's fear of insurance companies sucking the life out of their

"Companies are denying claims for vampire procedures, and a lot of us
can't even get malpractice insurance if we treat vampires," says one
Chicago dentist who stopped treating vampires about six months ago.

"There are definite physical hazards, chiefly the increased risk of
bloodborne illness from an accidental puncture. When I was treating
vampires I had to do all the routine cleanings and X-rays myself because my
hygienists were so afraid of accidentally getting cut, to say nothing of
getting bitten.

"The big problem, though, is the expense. It takes a lot more time,
effort and material to properly care for a vampire's teeth -- especially
when you have to darken the room for them. The fangs are extremely
complex, and they make it very difficult to get into the rest of the mouth
and work on, say, the back molars. And flossing is such a huge chore for
these people, there's a lot of work that needs to be done back there.

"Then you have to use gold fillings, which are very expensive -- they
won't even discuss using cheaper silver ones, because they claim to be
allergic to that metal.

"Insurance companies just aren't willing to cover the cost of that kind
of work. We used to get three-quarters of our claims kicked back
because the charge was over what the insurer considered 'reasonable and
customary.' On average we got maybe 30 percent of the cost paid -- and if
you want a nightmare, try going to collection on an unpaid bill from a
vampire. You could end up dead, or worse yet, undead."

Antonio says he understands those concerns, but believes they could
easily be put to rest.

"I'm willing to pay cash -- dollars, ducats or doubloons -- and so are
most of the vampires I know," he says. "If the dentist wants to have me
sneak in through the back to avoid scaring off his other patients, I'll
do that too -- no matter how humiliating it might be to me.

"Vampires were once human, too. Sure, we're a little different from
other people, but we suffer pain just the same. We deserve the same
quality of care for our pain as anyone else."

Copyright © 2003-2004 American Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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Saturday, April 17th, 2004
6:29 pm - RI. and Massachusetts vampyres and other kin.


I would like to inform you that a new branch of shadowlore has opened up for the RI. and Massachusetts area.

This is a place for vampyres as well as Other Kin to post and share their experiences. There is a yahoo e-group, much like this one, and there will also be small meeting or events in real time in the future.

I have just been as Chapter Head for this branch and I thought that I would take the time to invite everyone from my area to join or check it out.


Reign :~)=...

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Saturday, April 3rd, 2004
11:15 pm - It this F#@cked up or what?

Some people are far too gullible for their own good.

Vampire Babies Born Addicted to Blood

They are the tiniest and most tragic victims of the
civil war in the former Yugoslavia: Innocent babies
born addicted to human blood.

Known as the Vampire Babies of the Balkans, an
estimated 13,000 such tykes lead dismal existences in
orphanages in Bosnia and Herzegovina or are shuttled
from one foster home to another.

"These pitiful children are objects of loathing and
dread, rejected by their own extended families," says
Greta Schaffhausen of the Geneva-based International
Crusade to Save the Children.

"It's heartbreaking to think that they will never run
and play in the sunshine; never learn how to ride a
bicycle; never see a dawn."

A handful of the youngsters, like little Milo
Brajovie, have been adopted by compassionate American
couples who see past their medical condition.

"When Milo sits up in his crib and stares at you with
those huge, sad blue eyes, you can't resist picking
him up and hugging him," says Wendy Mostlon of Kansas
City. "Then he'll sink his little teeth into your arm
and start trying to 'suckle,' and it can make your
skin crawl."
(more follow the link)


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Tuesday, March 30th, 2004
12:45 am - Come out, come out where ever you are!

I have just been offered a position as a branch or chapter head of a major vampyre/otherkin/therion/etc. organization with the responsibility, if I choose to accept this position, of creating a branch in the Rhode Island/Massachusetts areas. So, my question is...

How many vampyres, therions, and otherkin are there in Rhode Island and Massachusetts? I want to know who I would be reaching and just how many of you there are out there.

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12:42 am - long time no see

It's been a while since I've been on livejournal. I've been away on military business and then when I got back I had to put my nose to the grindstone to get my company off the ground. It's a furry/animal/mythical creature graphical 3-D chat environment, and if anyone on here is interested in checking it out the url is www.kingdomanimalia.net, and my username is DreamWeaver.

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12:31 am - This is so wrong!

Children in Angola tortured as witches

Sun Mar 28, 9:40 AM ET Add Top Stories - Chicago Tribune to My Yahoo!

By Paul Salopek Tribune foreign correspondent

Helena Kufumana makes a pathetic witch.

Far from exuding wickedness, the 13-year-old schoolgirl is nervous
and shy. Her "101 Dalmatians" cartoon T-shirt is grubby and doesn't fit.
She swings her bare feet beneath her chair in the hyper way that all
kids do. And she cries a lot. Especially about the torture.

Last month Helena was accused by her parents of sickening two of her
nieces with evil spells. In retaliation, the bewildered girl says, one
of her small hands was burned on a red-hot stove. Her meager
possessions, including her clothes, were torched. She was choked. And finally, to
destroy her reputation in the community, she was beaten in front of a
large crowd. Her mother and elder sisters administered these

"They tell me that if I try to come home they will kill me," sobbed
Helena her tears spattering the floor of the church shelter where she
has run for safety. "They say I'm cursed."

Many children seem to be cursed these days in the impoverished
hinterlands of Angola--accused of witchcraft by their families, then
systematically abused, abandoned and even killed for imagined acts of

The scale and viciousness of the attacks on so-called criancas
feiticeiras, or child witches, confounds even hardened human-rights workers
in the war-haunted country, and some said the abuse is one of the most
disturbing outbreaks of domestic violence seen in Africa in recent

In Uige, a sleepy hill town near the Congo border, children's
advocates said that a teenager accused of sorcery was set ablaze by a mob that
included his own relatives. Another boy was buried alive, beneath the
corpse of a man he allegedly hexed, rights workers said. The luckier
children are merely banished from their homes. They roam the streets like
pariah dogs, surviving hand-to-mouth off food scraps from the markets.

"Many of the thousands of street children across Angola are probably
victims of this trend," said Matondo Alexandre, a child-protection
expert with the United Nations (news - web sites) Children's Fund in

"This is something new to us," Alexandre added. "In African culture
it is usually the older people who are accused of practicing witchcraft.
Now we're even seeing cases popping up involving babies."

Why Angolans are turning with such horrific ferocity against their
young, especially at this relatively benign point in their wounded
history, is a question few experts can answer with certainty.

Possible causes of abuse

Some blamed the recent proliferation of fire-and-brimstone
evangelical churches in Angola, whose apocalyptic vision of the universe--and
profit from exorcisms--meshes nicely with an epidemic of witchcraft.

Others cited the spread of particularly noxious beliefs in magic from
neighboring Congo, where the phenomenon of child sorcerers also is
taking root in an atmosphere of economic and political lawlessness.

But most experts agreed that the true answers lie buried in the
social wreckage of Angola's immensely degrading civil war, a 27-year
fratricide that ended barely two years ago and has left Angola with a
staggering case of post-traumatic stress disorder.

"Witchcraft fears have broken out in many societies during times of
distress," said Francisco de Mata Mourisca, the Roman Catholic bishop of
Uige, whose sprawling hilltop compound has lately become a magnet for
shy, hungry and sometimes battered children who come seeking refuge from
witch hunts.

"But you have to ask yourself, why our children?" de Mata Mourisca
said. "The answer in Angola is simple. Because war has brutalized our
families in the same way it destroyed our homes and streets."

That certainly rings true in Uige, an old coffee-growing town set
amid the hauntingly beautiful green hills of the Angolan plateau, where a
spike in fatal child-abuse cases is alarming social workers.

According to rights advocates in town, children as young as 5 have
been hanged, stoned to death, raped, burned and drowned in rivers after
being accused of sorcery.

The common themes in all their stories--besides heartbreak--are
parental bonds that have snapped under the strain of rebel assaults,
government counterattacks, mindless violence, disease, mass starvation,
scattered families, abandoned marriages and the press-ganging of children
into various armed factions.

Blighted hope is a new factor: Two years after the homicidal rebel
leader Jonas Savimbi was gunned down by government troops, thus ending
one of the world's longest civil wars, life for most Angolan families
still hasn't improved. Almost half the nation's children are malnourished.

"Nobody can care for all these scattered children anymore," wheezed
Carolina Jorge, a 45-year-old grandmother who by Western standards
looked a wizened 85. "They just get spoiled by witchcraft."

Jorge's grandchildren, Jose, 10, and Carolina, 7, apparently fall
into that hapless category.

The two siblings moved in with their grandmother recently after their
parents died of undetermined illnesses--possibly AIDS (news - web
sites). As usual, the children were blamed for bewitching their own father
and mother. Last month police found the whimpering brother and sister
trussed up, beaten and imprisoned in an animal pen behind Jorge's bleak
mud hut.

Accused abuser jailed

In a rare government reaction to such abuse, the woman was thrown in
jail for five days.

"Those children weren't normal," Jorge said, unrepentant. "They had a
suitcase that made a singing noise. And the boy messed his bed every
night. He was possessed."

The traumatized boy, girl and their offending suitcase were shipped
to an orphanage in the distant capital of Luanda.

The final ingredients in Angola's sad and baffling epidemic of child
persecution are the men who profit from it, men like Papa Matumona.

Sporting immaculate white pants and a colorful shirt stenciled
repeatedly with the face of Marilyn Monroe, the most powerful kimbandero, or
faith healer, in Uige runs an evangelical treatment center for child
witches. Others call it a torture chamber.

"He forces them to jump and dance for hours during the hottest part
of the day" in order to cleanse them of magical powers, said Leopoldina
Neto, a UNICEF (news - web sites) child-protection officer in town. "He
beats them. He puts chili powder in their eyes and drips boiling palm
oil in their ears."

Matumona, 51, denied this.

`I cure with love'

"I cure with love," he said, clutching a Bible at his Provincial
Center for Traditional Psychiatry, located in a war-ruined former pastry

Matumona said his services were free but later admitted that he put
his stream of young patients to work in his vegetable gardens to pay off
their treatment fees--a commercialization of suffering that makes
witchcraft one of the few profitable ventures in postwar Angola aside from

Other kimbanderos demand a goat or an aluminum pot from parents in
order to identify which son or daughter is a witch. Thus the
supply-demand circle is completed.

UN aid workers are hoping to break this cycle of exploitation by
launching parent education campaigns. It will be an uphill battle.

An internationally funded study of the problem has been shelved. Its
chief Angolan researcher, like most of the local police responsible for
protecting children's rights, actually concluded that sorcery was real.

The only voices raised in defense of child witches, then, are often
their own.

"It's all lies," said Sebastiao Nzuzi, 12, a smiling, bald little boy
who had been stoned in his village for being a wizard. "I don't need to
be cured. I'm as normal as anybody."

Sebastiao had soaked up some self-esteem lessons at the local
Catholic orphanage. Twenty child witches were staying there in a clean, sturdy
little house under some eucalyptus trees.

It was good that the house was sturdy. Because the next afternoon
people from the surrounding slums gathered to stone the building. The
boys, they shouted, were flying over their shacks at night, trying to
bewitch their children. Sebastiao, like the other accursed, huddled inside.

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Thursday, August 21st, 2003
7:35 pm - otherkin comic

i am planning on writing/drawing an online comic featuring an otherkin character, probably angelkin. can anyone tell me some details, or give me links to websites with information, about this sort of kin? please. i really want it to be as accurate as possible. the main idea behind it is to show the magick and wonder that can be found in everyday life, and that the surface of something shows only a small and insignificant part.
ps ideas for storylines, etc also appreciated :)
pps sorry for cross-posting

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Wednesday, April 9th, 2003
1:28 pm

Hello! We're a small publisher that will be releasing a revised edition of an old work on lycanthropy, entitled WEREWOLVES: Legends and Lore.

We've hit a bit of a dilemma though on the cover artwork and would love to get some opinions.

If you'd like to help, please visit Werewolf Covers and look over the 8 different versions. Then choose one from the below poll.

Poll #122277 I'd howl over cover...

My favorite cover is...

1) Plain and simple
2) Red hue
3) Red with human eye
4) Red eye & fresco filter
5) White / negaive space
6) Plain and fresco
7) Fresco with human ee
8) Black / negative space

Also, anyone who is interested in a copy of the book which releases this summer, Lethe will repay your kindness for giving feedback with a special offer... you can email us for more info

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Saturday, December 7th, 2002
10:04 pm - Dredging up old dreams...

I been thinking a lot lately about my otherself, the spirit who I am, and I was remembering a dream that I had recurring during one time when suicide was very likely....

There was my animus, a perfect, beautiful man. He was another part of me, but he wasn't truly a man, but a Raven.

He was an adept shifter, someone who reveled in all that he could be, with a thought. He even could take several forms at once. He showed me that this was me, and yet it was seperate than just myself. There was some other part that was missing in my life, and if I terminated now, I would go into the next life incomplete, faulty.

He would take the form of a black dog quite often, though he also was a panther or other black animal. My own self was often counter to this, a white wolf, a dove, a white tiger. This last is what I feel is my true self.

The point of the matter, I could not end my existence, I had to continue to be, and be vigilant, watching for this man who was me.

It occurs to me that perhaps, seeing as Ravens are known for their morphing, I am not truly as I believed myself to be wholy, but some manner of raven. Or, more confusing, some Gryphic tiger/raven, blending my masculine and feminine.

Just a thought.

Sorry for cross posting.

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Friday, September 13th, 2002
3:33 am - Been a while... *howl!*

Hey, it's friday now huh? And the 13th to boot... w00t! *bouncy wuff!*

People say Friday the 13th is such a bad thing (the movie was too). Based on past friday the 13ths, those days have been some of my best, in fact. 'Specially the friday 13th and a full moon on the same day. i swore i could feel the transformation that night. Perfect night for lycanthropy, yes it was. The way one feels it within, your mind and behaviour slowly becoming lupine, standing upright, hunched over, digitalgrade. You can feel each cell in your body transforming, blood rushing through your veins, the electirc impulses running through every fiber of muscle, fur starting to grow everywhere, each sense becoming more sharpened and refined. As you lose grasp with whatever is left of your human side, the more wild lupine psyche quickly takes over and settles within the recesses of your mind. You also take note of the physical changes; ears pointing straight up, nose protruding, teeth growing more sharp, tail wagging about, a wide toothy grin forms across that fuzzy muzzle of yours. Now feral, new sounds heard all around, new scents stimulating the olfactory senses, new vision to adjust to, you run purely on wild canid instinct. In a wolven state of being, you let out a long, drawling howl and stalk the moonlit night; your unsuspecting prey will never know what hit them...

Either that or stay home, crack open a beer, watch some TV and play videogames like the werewolf i turned out to be. =^_^=

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Friday, September 6th, 2002
6:17 pm - oops *lol*

I forgot to add that I have recently aquired 2 dragons that are following me around almost everywhere *laughs* One is a lovely iridescent blue and seems to be the healer of the two, the other is either black or deep purple (doesn't really stay in one place long enough to get a good look) and tends to be the prankster... messing with the cats and hiding objects from me:)

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5:19 pm - Sorry about the cross posting:)

But I wanted to introduce myself a bit (since I feel like I've been lurking) and invite everyone to join in a new community of mine.

I have been studying the craft for 10 years, and most of that was solitary. I became a coven-member last year and am loving the group experience...but I think I am an eclectic solitary at heart :) My path is of the green/kitchen witchery side... and I worship from many pantheons. I have a love for all things herbal, aromatherapy, oils, incenses, whatnot. I love to cook and am a sucker for a good recipe;) I have been reading this community for a while now and am enjoying all the posts:)

I would like to extend an invitation to my new community loeildelesprit. I set up this community as a forum to discuss various alternative techniques out there for exploring the path to the benefit of our visually and hearing impaired brothers and sisters:) It is very small right now, but I think that this is an area of the path that most people (unless you're familiar with it) don't normally explore:)

Brightest of Blessings to you all!!!

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Thursday, September 5th, 2002
8:35 pm - Hihis All,

Just a quick greetings from a girl whos adrift in the world at large and doesent know who she is..
Ive called myself the daughter of the night for as long as i can imagine. (I really do love it, its far more comfortable than the day time is, in fact most dreams have me dieing when the night is at its weakest, right at sunrise) Ive a facination with vampires, sometimes wish i could be one, and while most of my more mundane friends tease me about being one, my none mundane ones either describe me as a dragon, or unicorn so as you can see... needless to say.. im very confused, my best friends believe me to be a total ditze, and a total clutze (both of which i am) and otherwise.. just a very good friend you can ask anything of, albiet one who will drive you crazy, and to be annoyed with her, without her really trying, or realizing shes doing it..

Also forgot.. I totally love fairies also, perhaps more than vampires, and i guess if i see myself as anything, it would probly be as one.

current mood: sleepy

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Sunday, August 18th, 2002
10:29 am - Spirits Flame

My latest, Not as dark as I usually write, more pagan based.

Spirits Flame

Distance trancending,

all pleasure all pain.

Moonlight whispers

a ritual of spirits flame.

Souls of light dancing

to Gaias earthy rhythm,

the elements they claim.

whispers become chanting

the corners called.

In love

in trust

in thier spirits dancing flame

Currently Published on Various Poetry Sites

Copyright 2002 - Ravenwolf Burke

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Thursday, August 8th, 2002
4:33 pm - gahhh!

*falls to the floor and starts convulsing*


Which Character from The Last Unicorn Are YOU?

Find out now! Only from the Quiz Junkie

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Saturday, July 13th, 2002
6:10 pm - Greets

I've just rejoined the community under a new name, I was ballerino and now I am alabastard . Feel fre to come visit and say hello. I'll be reading and posting more in the days to come.

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Tuesday, June 11th, 2002
10:45 am - *awww*

"I'll capture gentle zebras / for your steeds and fill the stable with every kind of unicorn."
--Love Song of Night and Day

"The best use for a unicorn's horn is to adorn a unicorn."
--Source unknown

"Unicorns don't care if you believe in them any more than you care if they believe in you."
--Source unknown

"It was a heavy-boned face, with ridges etched in darkest walnut instead of gleaming highlights, and with odd, icy eyes that abruptly reminded her that unicorns were not Tame. Wild magic, free always, of what man might intend or wish for it."
--Doranna Durgin; Touched By Magic

" 'I thought unicorns were more ... fluffy.'
'See clear! Don't let the glamour get you! See what's in front of your eyes! It's a damn great horse with a horn on the end!' said Granny."
--Terry Pratchett; Lords and Ladies


"When God created the earth, He made a river which flowed from the Garden of Eden... Then God told Adam to name the animals... And the first animal he named was the unicorn. When the Lord heard the name Adam had spoken, he reached down and touched the tip of the single horn growing from the animal's forehead. From that moment on, the unicorn was elevated above other beasts."
--Nancy Hathaway; The Unicorn

The unicorn was white, with hoofs of silver and graceful horn of pearl. . . . The glorious thing about him was his eye. There was a faint bluish furrow down each side of his nose, and this led to the eye sockets, and surrounded them in a pensive shade. The eyes, circled by this sad and beautiful darkness, were so sorrowful, lonely, gentle and nobly tragic, that they killed all other emotions except love.
--T. H. White

If the unicorn does live among the snows held up forever on the line of the Equator then it is clear why the world should know so little about him.
--Odell Shepard

"Nothing is more magical...
As long as they roam the Earth, evil cannot harm the pure of heart."
--From the movie "Legend"

"There are wild elephants in the country, and numerous unicorns which are nearly as big,.."
--Marco Polo

"I was bathing in a lake when I saw the unicorn.... It is an injustice to say merely that its coat was white. Oh, it was white, all right, but it was more than that. It was a white like I remember the best vanilla ice cream, but finer and smoother. Sometimes the sun hit it just right and bright rainbow crescents fanned out like light through a fine spray of water. The hooves were mirror bright- platinum or silver, I couldn't tell. A distant lighthouse beacon on a lonely night, the spiral horn rose from the noble head: milky white, warm and welcoming.... Eyes full of life and intelligence. Eyes I could fall into. Lover's eyes.... As it moved, the mane shimmered on its muscular neck like a road on a hot day."
--Steven R. Boyett; Ariel

"I left the door open part way and got dressed, trying to imagine our neighbor's reaction to having a unicorn bang on their door wanting to know where there's a good shopping center."
--Steven R. Boyett; Ariel

"You try reading fantasy books all your life - have a unicorn walk by your bus bench on a hot day, with everything you've ever wanted tied up in a neat bundle- and see if you wouldn't do almost anything to have it."
--Steven R. Boyett; Ariel

"In the night, night passed down the street.... She felt the terror of it, the magic, and the impossibility that it should be there or that she should go to it.
"What do you want?"
But the unicorn only moved through the village like the wind, silent, without music.
--Tanith Lee; Black Unicorn

"There was no violence, no speed. It moved to the rhythm of an elder dance, putting all the rituals of the world to shame. Black, silver, gold and moon-opal, night and sea, fire, earth, air and water.
--Tanith Lee; Black Unicorn

"The people that see them share some of the unicorn's traits - they're lonely... with virtuous hearts."
--from Ally McBeal

"The unicorn is a lonely, solitary creature that symbolizes hope."
--from Ally McBeal

"The unicorn", she said, "was a marvelous beast, shining with honor, wisdom and strenth. Just to see him strengthened the soul."
--Megan Lindholm; The Unicorn in the Maze

"There's unicorns all over everywhere, even Woodmont. You know that, I know that, maybe nobody else does. You look for them, you listen for the music, you listen for Shei'rah. It's somewhere, you'll find it, if you want to find it enough. You got time."
--Peter S.Beagle; The Unicorn Sonata

The hunt of the unicorn. The evaluation of our souls.

"...I can o'ersway him; for he loves to hear
That unicorns may be betray'd with trees,
And bears with glasses, elephants with holes,
Lions with toils and men with flatterers;
--William Shakespeare; Julius Caesar

The Unicorn
The beautiful white horse with the magical horn that heals.

"Then God told Adam to name the animals. All the creatures gathered around.....And the first animal he named was the unicorn."
--from the Hokham Bible.

"...and from the heart of the blossom there appeared a unicorn..."
--James Endicott

"Unicorns," she whispered. Rahela nodded. "The most beautiful of all the Mother's children."
--Jennifer Roberson; The Court of the Summer King

"Now I will believe that there are unicorns..."
--William Shakespeare; The Tempest

"Each month the unicorns gathered at dusk to dance in a Circle under the full, dusky moon. They were the only race they knew of that did so. For when Alma made the world, she fashioned all the other creatures first, out of earth, wind, water, and air--then invited them to dance. But the pans turned wordless away from her, and the gryphons flew to find mountains to nest in, and the red dragons burrowed deep into the Smoking Hills, and the wyverns laughed.
So Alma created the unicorns after her own shape: sleek-bodied and long-limbed for swift running, wild-hearted and hot-blooded to make them brave warriors. Then she took from the cycling moon some of its shining stuff to fashion their hooves and horns and make them dancers. So the last-born and best-beloved of Alma called themselves also the moon's children, and each month danced the ringdance under the round, rising moon."
--Meredith Ann Pierce; Birth of the Firebringer

"Dreams are the playground of unicorns."

"Like a lion, without fear of the howling pack; Like a gust of wind, ne'er trapped in a snare; Like a lotus blossom, ne'er sprinkled by water; Like me, like a unicorn, in solitude roam."
--Hymn of Buddha

"Then what is magic for?"
"What use is wizardry if it cannot save a Unicorn?"
--Peter S. Beagle; The Last Unicorn

"Toward noon we spotted an animal gazing down at us from a sterile mountain peak of red and black rocks... Our guide stated that the animal must certainly be a unicorn, and he pointed out to us the single horn which jutted from its forehead. With great caution we gazed back at this most noble creature, regretting it was no closer for us to examine still more minutely."
--Friar Faber; 1438

"'Do you know, I always thought unicorns were fabulous monsters, too? I never saw one alive before!'
'Well, now that we have seen each other,' said the unicorn, 'if you'll believe in me, I'll believe in you.'"
--Lewis Carroll; Through the Looking Glass

Touched it?! A mortal laid hand on a unicorn!?
--from the movie "Legend"

"To this day, it is said, malicious animals poison this water after sundown, so that none can thereupon drink it. But early in the morning, as soon as the sun rises, a unicorn comes out of the ocean, dips his horn into the water to expel the venom from it so that the other animals may drink thereof during the day. This as I describe it. I saw it with my own eyes."
--Johannes van Hesse of Utrecht; 1389

A wise man never plays leapfrog with a unicorn
--Tibetan proverb

"Once, long ago, before there was such a thing as time, the world was shrouded in darkness.
Then came the splendor of light, bringing life and love into the Universe, and the Lord of Darkness retreated deep into the shadows of Earth, ploting his return to power . . . by banishing light forever.
But precious light is protected, harbored in the souls of Unicorns, the most mystical of all creatures.
Unicorns are safe from the Lord of Darkness, they can only be found by the purest of mortals . . . Such a mortal is Jack, who lives in solitude with the animals of the forest.
A beautiful girl named Lily loves Jack with all her heart. In their innocence they believe only goodness exists in the world.
Together they will learn there can be no good without evil . . . no love without hate . . . no heaven without hell . . . no light without darkness.
The harmony of the Universe depends upon an enternal balance. Out of the struggle to maintain this balance comes the birth of Legends."
--From the movie "Legend"

"Their bodies are white, their heads dark red, and their eyes dark blue. They have a horn on the forehead which is about a foot and a half in length."
--Ctesias; Indica, 416B.C

"Unicorn. Old French, unicorne. Latin, unicornis. Literally, one-horned: unus, one and cornu,a horn. A fabulous animal resembling a horse with one horn."
--Peter S. Beagle; The Last Unicorn

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